How to Attract Buyers? – Sales Offers Optimisation on is a very user-friendly online marketplace, also for beginners. It provides the sellers with many marketing tools. But to maximise our profits, we need to carefully prepare our strategy. Sales offers optimisation (careful listing building and ads campaigns) can help us to achieve our goals.
How to Attract Buyers? – Sales Offers Optimisation on
What are you going to read about in our article on sales offers optimisation on
  1. How to Create an Effective Product Listing on
  2. How to Successfully Run Advertising Campaigns on
  3. How to Develop Marketing Strategies to Maximise Sales on Kaufland?

How to Create an Effective Product Listing on

  Creating an attractive listing on the Kaufland platform is just as challenging from the retailer’s point of view as properly presenting the merchandise on the shelves in a shop. Read on practical tips concerning sales offers optimisation on  

1. Selecting the Correct Product Category

  It is important to note that the categories on Kaufland are only just reaching their final form, which will also include niche products. If you are selling products targetted at a small audience, you may not come across your Amazon category.  Pay attention not only to the ‘tree’ of categories visible when adding products manually. Take a look also at those assigned to them and made available by Kaufland. This makes it much easier to match your sales listing to the categories shown. Remember that placing our product in the right category makes it easier for customers to find it. Consequently, it maximises the chances of getting it sold. In the case of distribution, the most significant thing is to check existing listings.  This is important because sales commissions charged by the platform owner depend on the type of product.  It is also crucial to make sure that the EAN codes you are using have not been entered on the platform before. If you need help verifying EAN codes, please contact our specialists by filling in the form. At Gonito, we verify EAN codes using dedicated software. We are capable of examining over 20000 records per day.    

2. Creating an Attractive Product Title

  The product title is the first thing potential customers will see in a search list.  Therefore, it is best to make it in a way that draws the customer’s attention and describes the product accurately at the same time. We must stress that it is currently difficult to access software that allows you to verify the search volume of specific keywords. However, you can use the SEO data provided by Amazon. Note that you do not need to know German to create such a title. Being able to infer keywords from the figures extracted from Amazon is fully sufficient.  

3. Adding a High-Quality Product Image

  Good quality product images are a key element of a listing on the Kaufland platform.  Remember that the platform generates less traffic than its biggest rival, Amazon. As such, it is important to remember that many categories are overcrowded with products with few ratings.  We can therefore conclude that it will not be as easy to convince the shopper to make a choice. If a customer is not a regular customer of a specific brand, searching for products at a lower price or with shorter delivery times, we have a chance to convince them to accept our offer. To do this, however, we need to present all the advantages of our product and the benefits of using it. Our potential customer should find out why the model we are offering meets their requirements.  The trend in 2023 continues to be that the buyer is spending less time analysing the offer. This clearly indicates that we should focus on the most visible elements of the listing, i.e. the photos. What Should Our Photos Look Like? The photos should be bright and clear, showing the product from different angles and in different lighting conditions.  In addition, the photographs should present the product in a way that attracts the customer’s attention. Let’s discuss this using the example of buying a stationary bicycle for the home.  Stationary bikes are more likely to be purchased because they make you lose weight faster and allow more flexibility when building a workout regime than those with handlebars and a gel saddle.  

4. Describing the Product in an Apt and Clear Way

  We do not have much time to convince the customers. They will not analyse our offer for more than a few minutes. The product description should be precise and clear so that potential customers have a full understanding of the product before purchase. They should not feel the need to compare our top model with a cheaper equivalent. The product description should include information about its features, benefits, and possible applications. In addition, it is worth highlighting the features that make our offer stand out from the rest. Bear in mind that Kaufland allows for the graphical editing of descriptions. We can use bolding, paragraphs and bullets. It is especially important to control this process when transferring listings from other platforms or when using integrators such as Baselinker.  

5. Setting the Right Price

  Price is a crucial factor in a customer’s decision to purchase.  Before setting a price, it is a good idea to carefully analyse the competition and the prices of similar products. You should also take into consideration shipping costs. Kaufland is a European entity that is subject to the Omnibus Directive. As such, frequent discounting is not a good strategy for increasing sales. This may be a detrimental method in the long term, affecting the stability of margins. It is worth noting that it is possible to make suggested retail prices (SRP) visible (German: UVP). Such a method allows the current price to be presented as lower than the original one. To have prices displayed in this way, we must provide the relevant documents. They will help the staff at the seller support centre make a decision that is favourable to you. In the end, the offer will become more attractive and yet the seller will not have to reduce the margin. Would like to learn more about developing pricing strategies for Amazon? Read our article here.

6. Adding Product Availability Information

  Product availability information should be clear and up-to-date. Customers are usually seeking products that are available immediately or in the near future. It is a good idea to regularly update the information on product availability and quantities in stock.  One of the retailer’s priorities should be to strive for the shortest possible order preparation and delivery time.  

Offer Attractiveness Rating—Long-Term Benefits

  These steps help to improve the global offer attractiveness rating. As our team has observed, sales offers optimisation on has a direct impact on the ranking positions of the products. In addition, well-prepared offers make it easier to work on advertising campaigns.    

How to Successfully Run Advertising Campaigns on

  In order for our PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign on the Kaufland platform to achieve the desired results, we need to have the right experience and develop an effective strategy. A successful PPC campaign on requires a thorough understanding of the business objectives we want to achieve. It is also important to know which group of customers we would like to target with our listing.  To accomplish this, we must select the keywords accordingly and create a campaign that will attract prospective buyers. Kaufland offers similar advertising options to those available on Amazon. We have both automatic and manual campaigns available on Kaufland.
How to Select Keywords?
The right choice of keywords is the most difficult challenge. These will be the first steps towards finding the correct customer. As we previously mentioned, it is not possible to know the keywords of competitors or those used in listings across the category. As such, it is advisable to focus not only on conversion, but also on the global situation. It turns out that building brand awareness in areas outside a product’s own category might be more profitable. Are you aware of the additional tools offers?  Take a look here and discover more possibilities!  

What Types of Ads Does Kaufland Offer?

  The next step is to set the right budget and bidding strategy. Kaufland offers various bidding models, including:
  • CPC (cost per click),
  • CPM (cost per thousand impressions),
  • CPA (cost per action).
To achieve the best results, it is important to monitor your campaigns carefully in the first few timeframes.  We may discover keywords that are worth listing thanks to the adverts. And this way, we can maximalise the search volume. This is especially essential from a business perspective. Increased sales on a stable margin allow you to accumulate funds for further investment in marketing. Correct strategies, such as selling based on position or bidding based on conversion cost, can help to maximise the return on activity.    

How to Develop Marketing Strategies to Maximise Sales on Kaufland?

  Many retailers are unaware that they can use the external marketing price list provided by Kaufland. It includes promotion channels such as: – newsletter, –  advertising using the website’s social media platforms, – e-mail marketing. Retailers often face challenges in scaling their advertising on the Kaufland platform.  They spend a lot of time looking for solutions to get more keywords. This is where campaigns targeting a wider range of customers come to the rescue. We direct them not only at those searching for a particular type of product.
Real Life Example
Let’s discuss this phenomenon using an example from real life.  Parents are planning to furnish their child’s room and start by looking for the right bed for their child. It soon turns out that a black 140×200 bed isn’t the only thing that needs to go in the child’s room. The whole set is missing a desk with green LED backlighting. So, why wait for the buyer to change the filters in the panel, use other keywords, and look at three pages of products. It is definitely better to appear in front of their eyes earlier than the competitors do.   Conclusions is a platform that offers numerous opportunities for retailers, including beginners.  The site is still in the development stage, so there is much less competition here than e.g. on Amazon. This gives us the unique opportunity to strengthen our position and shape the situation in our product category before the platform reaches its ‘final form.’ We must, however, make proper use of the marketing tools and opportunities offered by this marketplace.  Sales offers optimisation on will surely pay off in the long-term. Do you need help with your sales offers optimisation on Contact us by filling in the form.  
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