Cdiscount is the second most popular marketplace on the French
e-commerce market. Receive a customised sales development offer on Cdiscount and reach more than 23 million buyers in the French market with your products.

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Consultancy and sales strategy

Every product is different and therefore requires an individual approach. Tell us about the specifics of your products and we will advise you on the logistical model best suited to you, carry out an analysis and indicate which products are worth selling and, therefore, what your product catalogue should look like. As a result, you will receive a tailor-made sales strategy for Cdiscount.

Account set-up and merchant verification

In the first instance, the seller must set up an account on the Cdiscount platform. If you need help, we will set up and verify your account on Cdiscount. You will receive support in setting it up, and then we will help you to start selling online and process your first orders. Selling on Cdiscount also requires you to plug in courier services in your delivery options.

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Customer Care

A customer who wants information about a product or has difficulties with an order contacts Cdiscount in the first instance. A high standard of service is the key to the heart of the French customer. Avoid the language barrier and guarantee your shoppers care in French 365 days a year. Customer contact significantly affects the perception of the seller and influences online reviews.

Legal texts

We take care of the security and compliance with the legal regulations of the country in which our customers’ products are offered. We will assist you in generating legal texts to enable you to list your vendors on the Cdiscount marketplace.

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Analiza Cdiscount

Market analysis – find out which products are worth selling

We have a range of specialised tools that allow you to make in-depth market analysis and forecasts of your sales. Make accurate decisions based on hard data that show the direction of your business in France through the Cdiscount platform. Provide product offers that are in demand by users.

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Inventory management

Ongoing analysis allows us to predict stock levels and you to optimise storage costs and minimise order cancellation rates after a product has been purchased. This ensures that specific products are available to the buyer at the right time and in the right quantity.


We update the prices of your products in real time, offering customers the most competitive level of the final price while guaranteeing that it remains at a minimum level.competitive level of the final price while guaranteeing that it remains at a minimum level.

Constant account management

Properly handling your account on the Cdiscount website requires a number of specialists. At Gonito, your seller account is handled by 6-10 people. Get a dedicated Seller Account Manager who will take care of your sales with the team, implementing a range of proven solutions.

Whether you are a new or active seller on Cdiscount, we will help you to increase your turnover on the marketplace.


Your products will be first choice in their respective categories on Cdiscount

Gonito is the biggest marketplace sales agency in Poland. On daily basis we are increasing turnover on 6 marketplaces in 20 countries for over 300 companies.

In-depth analysis allows us to develop the most effective model for the brands we serve, and our team of experts will precisely implement each strategy.

What can we do for you?

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Since founding in 2016 we have launched over 550 private labes on Cdiscount

We handle a portfolio of over 3 million products