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Expand your sales on eBay!

eBay is a marketplace, where auctioning and listing becomes accessible to everyone.

One of the key advantages of using eBay is the ability to sell your products on marketplaces all around the globe. Ebay invoices you monthly for the use of their services, giving you the opportunity to settle the cost of fees easily and pleasantly.

Cross-border sales consultancy and strategy

Every product is different and therefore requires an individual approach. If you are selling overseas, starting to sell online can be difficult and a barrier to entry in a particular market. Tell us about the specifics of your products and we will advise you on which logistics model is more suitable for you, analyse what your competitors are doing, calculate price levels and help you optimise shipping costs. As a result, you will receive an eBay selling strategy tailored to your needs. It will help you learn how to sell on eBay most effectively.

Account set-up and merchant verification<

In order for to start selling on eBay, you need to set up a seller account. We will carry out the process of setting up and verifying new eBay seller accounts for you, set up your account and help you start selling products on overseas marketplaces, including but not limited to eBay.uk and eBay.de. Want to start selling on overseas markets through eBay? Contact usGet in touch!

Sprzedaż na eBay - planowanie strategii

sprzedaż na eBay

Customer Care

Customer experience is a very important factor in determining eBay sales. Guarantee service to your customers in their native language 365 days a year and get positive feedback.

Legal texts

We take care of the security and compliance with the legal regulations of the country in which our clients’ products are offered. We will assist you in generating legal texts to enable you to issue offers.

teksty prawne produktów oferowanych na eBay

Analiza sprzedaży na eBay


We have a range of specialist tools to provide in-depth market analysis and forecasts of your sales. Make smart decisions based on hard data that shows the direction of your eBay business and the way to reach overseas customers.

Product cards creations

Before we prepare offers, we will carefully analyse your portfolio and identify which products are best to sell. We will develop detailed copywriting with keywords in mind. Our graphic designers will propose infographics to increase conversions. Your products will stand out from the competition and rank first in eBay searches.

Tworzenie kart produktowych eBay

Sprzedaż na eBay

Constant Account Management

Properly handling your eBay account requires a number of specialists. At Gonito, your business account is handled by 6-10 people. Get a dedicated Seller Account Manager who, together with the team, will take care of your sales by implementing a number of proven solutions.

Why should you sell on foreign eBay marketplaces?

  • The platform offers many marketing tools to help increase the visibility of offers and reach potential customers.
  • You can use sales analytics to better understand what products are most popular in a given market.
  • The support of a professional logistics operator, helps in the fast delivery of the products sold, which results in shorter time for positive feedback
  • If you plan to sell on foreign markets, eBay offers abroad shipping, allowing you to reach a wide range of customers around the world.
  • The platform offers tools to create professional descriptions of offers and product categories, which helps to attract the attention of buyers.
  • It is also worth noting that eBay offers the option to use your PayPal account as a VAT payer, making tax returns easier.
  • Explore eBay helps you discover new sales opportunities and grow your business.
  • Selling on eBay is an extremely attractive option for new sellers and those who want to start selling in Poland and abroad.