Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Being the largest sales platform in the entire world, Amazon offers a wide range of promotional tools. Among them, you will find Amazon Business Card and Amazon Brand Registry. The latter is, in other words, the way of registration of your brand on Amazon. Today, we’ll say a word or two about the important benefits of the Amazon Brand Registry.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

So what does Amazon Brand Registry do exactly and how are you able to use it to your profit? And what actually are the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry? ABR is one of the pro-sales activities that allow you to create advertising campaigns various kinds.  What’s more, it also allows you to set up your own dedicated brand shop – namely, the Amazon Brand Store. It’s worth noting that it must be preceded by the registration in the patent office. This formality is necessary in order to get a so-called Trademark ID.

It’s worth mentioning that joining ABR is not strictly required. Brands that aren’t registered for the program can still function well and even be successful. However, by joining ABR, you can directly increase your sales. What’s more, ABR provides numerous additional benefits as well. The greatest of them is the access to specialized tools for detecting, reporting and preventing violations of various kind. In other words, Amazon Brand Registry protects your IP (intellectual property); it also manages your listings. This way, it provides you with tools that are necessary to effectively create and maintain your brand. At the same time, it ensures a positive experience of your customers. To sum it up, it gives you everything you need to build your brand and effectively protect it.


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