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Analysis and consultancy for sales on Amazon

Every product is different and therefore requires an individual approach. Tell us about the specifics of your business and we will advise on which logistics model is more suitable for you. We have a range of specialised tools that allow us to analyse the market and the competition in depth. Based on hard data, we are able to define your product portfolio on Amazon and adjust price levels.

Customer Care

Customer experience is a very important determinant of sales on the marketplace. Guarantee service to your customers in their native language 365 days a year and get positive feedback.

At Gonito, we operate comprehensively. We handle customer messages within 24 hours, process returns, and resolve A-Z Guarantee Claims.

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With our sophisticated system to analyse your account statistics in real time, we keep our finger on the pulse and neutralise threats in time. We will assist you in obtaining official permits for the sale of third-party brands, as well as unlocking your account, capturing product cards and releasing funds.

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Inventory management

Logistics is not just a choice between Amazon’s sales model: FBA or FBM. Ongoing analysis allows us to predict stock levels and you to optimise warehousing costs and minimise order cancellation rates.

Gain a convenient source of income without interfering with the complex sales processes on Amazon. We will manage your stock and available product variants for you.


We update the prices of your products in real time, proposing the most competitive price to the buyer while guaranteeing to maintain a minimum price. By using a specialised tool and setting up pricing algorithms, you will increase the share of your products in BuyBox by up to 89%.

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Constant account management

Properly handling sales on Amazon requires the involvement of many specialists. At Gonito, there are 6-10 people working on your account. Get a dedicated Seller Account Manager who, together with the team, will take care of your sales by implementing a number of proven solutions.

Whether you are a new or active seller on the Amazon, we will help you to increase your turnover on the marketplace.


Your products will be first choice in their respective categories on Amazon

Gonito is the largest Amazon sales agency in Poland. On daily basis we are increasing turnover on 6 marketplaces in 20 countries for over 300 companies.

In-depth analysis allows us to develop the most effective model for the brands we serve, and our team of experts will precisely implement each strategy.

What can we do for you?

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Since founding in 2016 we have launched over 550 private labes on Amazon

We handle a portfolio of over 3 million products