Expansion into foreign markets on
gives you opportunity to reach out to over 400 million potential customers worldwide.

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Launch your products on Amazon!

Vendor – Amazon’s invitation-only selling model

Numerous benefits of operating in a Vendor model come with certain requirements and challenges. By working closely with Amazon, we are able to generate for you an invitation to this exclusive cooperation.

Negotiating terms and conditions with Amazon

After an in-depth analysis of your products, our experts will prepare a series of arguments to ensure that you receive the best possible terms and conditions for working with Amazon as a Vendor.

Product cards creation

We develop detailed copywriting, attractive bullet points with keywords in mind and eye-catching infographics. To make your products stand out, we will optimise their titles, use A+ Content and tell your brand story. As a result, your products will rank first in search engine results on Amazon.


Product positioning in the marketplace is a key element in achieving your goal. By using different types of advertising campaigns and the right keywords, you will reach your desired target group. Positioning activities will reduce the cost of customer acquisition by up to 63% and increase conversions. We will build your brand positioning through brand registration in the Amazon Brand Registry programme and Amazon Brand Store creations.

Whether you are a new or active seller on Amazon, we will help you to increase your turnover on the marketplace.


Your products will be first choice in their respective categories on Amazon

Gonito is the largest Amazon sales agency in Poland. On daily basis we are increasing turnover on 6 marketplaces in 20 countries for over 300 companies.

In-depth analysis allows us to develop the most effective model for the brands we serve, and our team of experts will precisely implement each strategy.

What can we do for you?

Sprzedaż na Amazon

Since founding in 2016 we have launched over 550 private labes on Amazon

We handle a portfolio of over 3 million products