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Consultancy and sales strategy

Every product is different and therefore requires an individual approach. Tell us about the specifics of your products and we will advise you on which logistics model, FBA or FBM, is more suitable for you, analyse your competitor’s activities and recommend pricing strategy, and put together a customised plan. As a result, you will receive a strategy for selling on Amazon tailored to your needs and the type of product you want to sell on Amazon.


One of the most important success factors for Amazon merchants is the careful alignment of the product offering with customer expectations and needs. An accurate analysis is the first step to optimal seller account administration. We have a range of specialised tools at our disposal to provide in-depth market analysis and forecasts of your sales. Amazon enables sellers to accurately tailor products to different target groups, making it easier for buyers to find exactly what they need. Make smart decisions based on hard data that shows the direction of your business through Amazon. Act on the guidance of our specialists and increase the sales potential of your own products!

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Customer Care

Customer experience is a very important determinant of product sales on the marketplace. We guarantee your customer care on Amazon in 9 languages 365 days a year. We answer customer queries within 24 hours, process returns, and resolve A-Z Guarantee Claims. Get the peace of mind that your customers are being professionally taken care of and that your account statistics are being kept on track.


With a proprietary system to analyse your account statistics in real time, we keep our finger on the pulse and neutralise threats in time. Protect your Amazon seller account from being blocked and your product cards from unfair competition.

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Marketing w sieci

Product cards creation

We develop detailed copywriting, attractive bullet points with keywords in mind and eye-catching infographics. In order to make your products stand out, we will optimise their titles, use A+ Content and tell your brand story. As a result, your products will rank first in the search results on Amazon.


Using a variety of different types of advertising campaigns and the right keywords, we will make sure that you reach your desired target audience and that customers find your offer. We will highlight the most important features of your product based on what Amazon offers to other users so that you can start selling worldwide from the beginning.
Positioning activities will reduce the cost of customer acquisition by up to 63% and increase conversions. We will build your brand positioning, enter your company registration details through brand registration in the Amazon Brand Registry programme and Amazon Brand Store creatives.

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Constant account management

Handling your Amazon account properly requires a number of specialists. At Gonito, there are 6-10 people working on your account. Get a dedicated Seller Account Manager who will work with your team to take care of your Amazon sales by implementing a range of proven solutions.

You will gain access to additional reports that allow you to closely monitor the sales performance of a product. This is an invaluable tool for retailers to analyse trends and adjust their business strategy. Thanks to these reports, Polish retailers can better understand how customers initiate the purchase process on the platform, which helps them to adapt the presentation and promotion of their product range.

Whether you are a new or active seller on the Amazon, we will help you to increase your turnover on foreign markets.

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Your products will be first choice in their respective categories on Amazon

Gonito is the largest Amazon sales agency in Poland. On daily basis we are increasing turnover on 6 marketplaces in 20 countries for over 300 companies.

In-depth analysis allows us to develop the most effective model for the brands we serve, and our team of experts will precisely implement each strategy.

What can we do for you?

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Since founding in 2016 we have launched over 550 private labes on Amazon

We handle a portfolio of over 3 million products