What is Seller Fulfilled Prime?

What is Seller Fulfilled Prime?
Have you ever wondered on what has the greatest influence on the Amazon sales volume? Whether it is a price of the product, or the order delivery time? Today, we will try to answer these questions. At the same time, we will explain to you what Seller Fulfilled Prime is. And also, how you can use it to your advance.
How does Seller Fulfilled Prime work?
The latest surveys show that the Amazon consumers prefer to save time. The majority of them expects their order to be delivered as quickly as possible. A next day delivery significantly increases the attractiveness of the offer and its sales potential. Seller Fulfilled Prime is a unique program that highly facilitates all your transactions. To put it short, it makes it possible to deliver goods to the consumer within one day. What’s more, at no extra charge. What’s important in this, itconcerns not only the customers that are members of the program. The standard orders placed by the customers from outside of it are included as well.
What are the Seller Fulfilled Prime requirements?
In order to join the program, you need to keep your statistics on a certain degree. In short, you have to make sure that the statistics of your account remain at a sufficiently low level. What about the benefits then? The introduction of the products to the Prime program guarantees increased visibility. What is more, it allows the Seller to compete more effectively for the Buy Box.   Have you learned what Seller Fulfilled Prime is? If you have found this article helpful, we encourage you to check out other posts on our site as well! We offer a great amount of Amazon-related tips and explanations to facilitate your journey as an Amazon seller. Make sure to take a look!