What is Valid Tracking Rate Amazon?

What is Valid Tracking Rate Amazon?
Do you sell on Amazon using the FBM model? If so, read carefully. On April 19th Amazon implemented a Valid Tracking Rate indicator. It has become one of the components of the Account Health. Below, we explain, what Valid Tracking Rate Amazon is, and how it works exactly.
A Brief Valid Tracking Rate FAQ
  1. What is Valid Trackig Rate?
The Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) is a percentage of the orders confirmed to be shipped. In other words, it’s a performance indicator. It measures how often a seller uses a tracking ID with which a buyer is able to track their order.
  1. How does VTR work?
This system covers all shipments with a valid tracking number, represented as a percentage of all shipments within a 30-day period. However, it’s worth mentioning that some items can’t be included within the VTR. These are, above all, digital products, such as eBooks or sound files. Another type of product not included in the calculation would be domestic items without a tracked delivery services. It also concerns the ones that have been delivered by a service that doesn’t cooperate with Amazon.
  1. What are the requirements regarding VTR?
Amazon has clearly defined all the requirements that sellers must meet when it comes to this indicator. The VTR level maintained by the seller should be equal to 95% or a level higher. This metric consists of the amount of orders delivered with a valid tracking number. This number is then divided by the total amount of orders that have been delivered and confirmed as well. Therefore, you can’t benefit from VTR if your valid tracking rate is below 95%. In short, to keep it at this level, you have to make sure your shipping and delivery are accurate and clear.   Have you learned what Valid Tracking Rate Amazon is? If you found this article helpful, make sure to check out other posts published on our site.
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