What is Amazon Vendor Program and How Does it Work?

What is Amazon Vendor Program and How Does it Work?
The Amazon Vendor model is a name that rings a bell to many users of the platform. However, only a small part of sellers know its actual meaning. Therefore, today we’ll explain what is Amazon Vendor program and how you can use it to your advantage. Amazon provides its sellers with two models of business cooperation. First, there is the well-known Amazon Seller, in which you can sell products directly to the end customers through the platform. Second, there is the special model called Amazon Vendor, which is based on a B2B cooperation with Amazon.
How does Amazon Vendor work?
First, Amazon orders your products at wholesale prices. After that, they are offered on the Amazon platform with Amazon itself marked as a seller. Having been sold, Amazon will sell your products under your brand, although from its own shop.
Is this program profitable to the sellers?
The answer is: of course! Amazon Vendor models offer a number of benefits. Among other things:
  • You deliver your goods in bulk to Amazon warehouses;
  • Amazon handles all the customer support, including returns;
  • You sell your product in bulk quantities;
  • All the products are labelled Prime.
Can I choose whether to use Amazon Vendor or Seller program? And most importantly, how do I do that?
On the contrary to the Seller model which is available for everyone, the Vendor program can be joined only upon a special Amazon invitation. To receive it, you need to keep your account healthy and make sure your listings remain constantly attractive to your potential customers. In order to learn how to do that, check out our other article.   Have you learned what Amazon Vendor Program is? If you have found this article useful, check out other Amazon-related posts that are available on our site!
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