The Amazon Vendor program – what is it and how does it work?

The Amazon Vendor model is a popular name, but, in reality, only a small part of sellers know what it really is.
The Amazon Vendor program – what is it and how does it work?
Amazon offers its sellers two models of business cooperation. The first of them, is the well-known Amazon Seller, in which you can sell products directly to end customers through the platform. The second model is Amazon Vendor, which is based on B2B cooperation with Amazon.
How does Amazon Vendor work?

Amazon orders your products at wholesale prices and then it offers them on their platform as a seller. Amazon will sell products under your brand, in its own shop.

Does this pay off?

Of course! There is a number of benefits resulting from Amazon Vendor models and some of them include:

  • You deliver goods in bulk to Amazon warehouses
  • Amazon handles customer support, including returns
  • You sell your product in bulk quantities
  • All products are labelled Prime
Can every seller become a Vendor?

Contrary to the Seller model which can be chosen by everyone, the Vendor program can be joined only upon a special Amazon invitation.

To receive it, you need to keep your account healthy and take care of your listing attractiveness.

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