Kaufland Global Marketplace – The Complete Sales Guide

Why sell on Kaufland platforms? is a well-established platform in the German e-commerce landscape and one of the largest online marketplaces in the country. Over 11,000 sellers offer their products on in a total of over 6,400 categories, most of which are non-food items. The most profitable categories in 2023 were: furniture and equipment, electronics, garden and DIY, kitchen and household, sports and travel, baby and children's accessories, fashion, body care and health, and automotive.

At the beginning of 2023, Kaufland expanded its international operations again under the auspices of Kaufland Global Marketplace. In addition to the German sales channel, channels for Slovakia ( and the Czech Republic ( were launched. In just a few months, both markets have experienced enormous growth and are now among the leading online marketplaces in these countries. Over 4,000 retailers target international customers with Kaufland, offering a total of over five million items on each sales channel.

Kaufland Global Marketplace allows retailers to easily expand their online presence, broaden their customer groups and reach, and even sell online across borders while saving resources.
Kaufland Global Marketplace – The Complete Sales Guide

Easy start on sales channels

To start a business, sellers only need to register once on the Kaufland Global Marketplace platform. This all-in-one solution, including technical and service infrastructure, allows them to sell directly and simultaneously on all three Kaufland sales channels.

To be able to register as a seller, the following conditions must be met:
  • running a registered business,
  • not selling items from prohibited categories,
  • having an official EAN number (GTIN) for all products (EAN must be assigned by the manufacturer or GS1).

There are also country-specific conditions, such as having a valid LUCID, which entitles you to sell on the German e-commerce market. All requirements can be checked on the seller’s page.

Transparent payment models

For using Kaufland’s sales channels, sellers pay a monthly fee and a commission. The amount of the commission depends on the selected category. Adding additional Kaufland channels does not involve any additional costs; similarly, listing items for sale is free and unlimited.

During the registration process, sellers can choose one of two subscription models. There is a variant with a link to your own online store and a variant without a link. The monthly fee includes multichannel marketing, enabling sales on several sales channels at the same time. In addition, the cooperation is not bound by any contract terms or notice periods.

Quick registration and activation

During the registration process, sellers provide their personal data, as well as details about their company and relevant documentation. After registration, the data is checked by the Kaufland Global Marketplace Sales Support Department. Once all information and documents are complete, the seller’s account is activated and onboarding begins.

Resellers can also decide whether they want to start operating on several Kaufland sales channels at the same time and offer their products to a larger group of customers, or whether they prefer to focus on one channel first. Other Kaufland channels can be added later.

Four different ways to post listings

The technical infrastructure enables centralized management of offers, orders and product data from all Kaufland markets from a single Seller Portal. At the same time, data can be transferred to the system in several ways: manually or using a CSV file, your own API or interfaces of external software partners.
Kaufland already works with 250 partners to make it as easy as possible for sellers to post offers both domestically and abroad.

Hassle-free international sales

Once sales have been launched on the German sales channel, you can quickly and efficiently expand your business to international markets. This is possible thanks to the Kaufland Global Marketplace. It allows sellers to register only once and add additional sales channels directly in the Seller Portal. Multi-marketplace technology also enables easy management of product and offer data and sending it to other sales channels. Currently, many connected software interfaces already offer automated listings on Kaufland’s international sales channels.

Expansion with Kaufland opens up additional opportunities for sellers to increase sales. International e-commerce gives them access to new customer groups and increases the range of their assortment. In this way, customers begin to notice the seller’s brands and products through various sales channels. In turn, sellers diversify their business risk by penetrating new market segments. This makes them less dependent on the economic situation of a given market.

Translation of product data in the offer

If sellers plan to offer their products on Kaufland’s international sales channels, they don’t have to worry about translating the products. This service is provided free of charge by the platform’s automated translation service. In turn, the free translation tool in the Seller Portal allows you to communicate with customers in foreign languages. That means language barriers can be easily overcome, clearing your way towards a successful launch of international sales.

Kaufland Global Marketplace service offer

Kaufland Global Marketplace offers a range of paid and free services that support sellers in sales, business scaling and expansion on Kaufland channels.

Personal sales support

By selling on Kaufland, sellers gain access to free personal sales support. It provides consultation on all sales channel-related issues, as well as an additional assistance.

Providing the first line of Customer Service

Kaufland offers first-line customer service that customers can contact by phone or email. Sellers can also engage Kaufland Customer Service in conversations with customers if direct communication does not provide a solution.

Processing payments in local currency

Payment processing is handled in local currency on all Kaufland sales channels. In addition, the channels provide customers with all the most important payment methods. This makes it easier for them to make purchases quickly and easily and makes the platform more attractive.

Sell University and webinars

With Kaufland Global Marketplace, sellers can develop independently and continuously improve their results. Seller University is a source of much information and materials that help sellers increase their sales efficiency. It is a knowledge base where you can find step-by-step instructions, such as on registration and onboarding. There are also valuable instructional videos, product and offer data templates, and information on additional marketing activities that increase sales. In addition, Kaufland Global Marketplace offers regular webinars. They provide sellers with valuable tips on how to start selling and optimize their profiles.

New service – Fulfilment by Kaufland

Sellers who sell on Kaufland marketplaces will soon be able to ship their orders to customers using the Fulfilment by Kaufland Global Marketplace service. Fulfilment by Kaufland offers sellers fast and reliable service, while improving customer satisfaction and shopping experience. The fulfilment label also increases the visibility of products on various sales channels.

Kaufland Global Marketplace provides shipping, warehousing and after-sales services, including returns management and customer service. It allows sellers to save resources and focus on product assortment, ordering and developing pricing strategies.

This service is currently in beta phase and will soon be available to all sellers on all Kaufland sales channels.

Marketing activities increasing sales and turnover

Kaufland Global Marketplace offers sellers numerous advertising activities. Thanks to them, sellers will be able to highlight their offers on Kaufland sales channels. This allows for potential sales and turnover increases.

Increased visibility of offers with Sponsored Offers

Sponsored Product Ads (SPA) are paid product campaigns and one of the most popular marketing tools aimed at increasing the visibility of products on Kaufland sales channels and in the Kaufland app. Sellers use this feature to make their offers appear more prominently on category pages, search results and product details. Sponsored offers are displayed based on keywords in selected sales channels and are charged on a per-click basis. This means that costs for the seller are only generated when a customer actually clicks on a given ad. More information and video instructions on Sponsored Offers can be found in the Seller Zone on the Kaufland Global Marketplace.

External multichannel marketing

In addition to Sponsored Offers, sellers’ products are advertised on other marketing channels. Kaufland Global Marketplace provides free advertising on Google Shopping and other price comparison platforms. Offers can also be advertised on other high-reach Kaufland channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as on websites. This allows you to generate interest in your offers among external users visiting these portals.


With Kaufland Global Marketplace, starting to sell on Kaufland’s sales channels is an easy task. The platform enables fast and efficient implementation of sales activities both domestically and internationally. Therefore, even sellers with few resources can scale their business.

On Kaufland’s sales channels, sellers have access to millions of customers domestically and internationally. They also receive support from the Kaufland Global Marketplace team in the form of numerous paid and free sales services. If you have any questions, our Seller Support Department will be happy to provide free assistance. We’ll give you tips on how to develop your sales potential on Kaufland’s sales channels.

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