Individual and professional plan – what are the differences and which one of them should I choose?

When a seller starts selling on Amazon, they are obliged to choose the so-called selling plan which is available in two versions.
The first of them is a basic version, which is nothing more than an individual selling plan.
What are the features of the individual selling plan?

If your product range includes fewer than 40 products and you have not yet made a final decision on which one of them is worth promoting, this is the plan for you.

However, keep in mind that using an individual selling plans won’t give you access to numerous extensive tools offered by the platform. This is the basic difference between individual and professional plans, which makes developing your business on Amazon more efficient. In exchange for purchasing a professional sales plan, you get the opportunity to advertise your products on the platform, increase sales efficiency thanks to API integration, and you can create promotions or set your own shipping prices.

Sellers often wonder if there is a possibility to change the selling plan. Of course! You can make the change at any time and enjoy access to hundreds of tools offered by the Amazon platform.