How to maintain Amazon account’s health?

How to maintain Amazon account’s health?
Selling on Amazon obliges you to continuously supervise and keep an eye on your account throughout the year. This makes for a heavy responsibility that may appear problematic to many Amazon sellers that are new to the platform. Therefore, it’s crucial to know how to maintain your Amazon account’s health properly.
Amazon account’s health – important factors that determine your account’s life
The positioning of the sales profile, listings and BuyBox is influenced by numerous factors. They are what might establish your success on Amazon. To keep it efficient and profitable, you should make sure your account meets them throughout the whole year. The main factors that determine the life of your account are, among others:
  • Efficient logistics. Timely shipments and returns processing are an important matter and the key to success and becoming a trusted seller on Amazon. If you want to keep your account in good health, remember that the level of 5 statistics depends on efficient logistics. If neglected, they may result in the discontinuity of sales. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to use the services of reliable courier networks exclusively, such as Gobal24, UPS or DHL.
  • Customer service quality. Timely responses and customer service in the customers’ native language are absolutely basic for keeping the ODR low. This ensures not only positive feedback from buyers, but also their loyalty. Consequently, it will effectively place you among the most reliable sellers on Amazon.
With such a base and enough care being put into maintaining it, you can be sure your account is going to be advantageous and successful. As a result, you’ll increase your sales profits and also establish a reputation as a reliable seller. Have you learned how to maintain Amazon account’s health? If you’ve found this article helpful, check out our other posts for more tips!