Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the Hottest Sales Days

The last weekend of November is undoubtedly the biggest online shopping holiday of the entire calendar year. What is the origin of Black Weekend, and what do the numbers say? Read more to get to know a few facts.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the Hottest Sales Days
In our Article you will get to know more about Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas sales:

25 November 2022: Black Friday—the US Online Shopping Day

  Black Friday is the informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving in the USA. Its name is meant to describe the increased foot and vehicle traffic prompted by the start of pre-Christmas shopping.  Other sources indicate that the black colour is linked to the surge in sales. On Black Friday, brick-and-mortar stores open as early as midnight. The same applies to online stores, which often set their promotions to start at midnight. During Black Friday in 2017, UK consumers spent about £1.39 billion. The highest demand was for electronic products. Even though Australians spent more than $200 million, Americans spent the most – $5 billion in 24 hours. Black Friday is a holiday that generates considerable profits also on the Amazon platform. In 2018, customers ordered over 180 million products with a total value of around $6.2 billion. This is almost 25% more than on Black Friday in 2017.  

28 November: Cyber Monday—Continuation of Black Friday

  When talking about Black Friday, it’s hard not to mention Cyber Monday – the continuation of the online promotion festivities. Many brands combine the two holidays into Black Weekend or even Black Week, offering their customers discounts throughout the week. As the data indicates, the sales potential of Cyber Monday continues to grow. On this day in 2018, Amazon recorded the highest sales in its history. It is estimated that sales on this day may have reached almost $8 billion, indicating a 20% increase in comparison to 2017.  

And What About December?

  6 December 2021: St. Nicholas Day   St. Nicholas’Day has been traditionally associated with small gifts that are a prelude to Christmas presents. However, year after year, this holiday generates more and more sales, becoming not only a part of private life, but also of business relationships in the employer-employee relationship.

24 – 25 December: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

  Christmas shopping remains at the forefront in terms of sales generated. About $723 billion is spent in the US and over £2 billion in the UK during this time. Interestingly, it appears that men spend more than women. Especially representatives of Generation X, who spend around $782 in the US and £425 in the UK. Read how to sell on Amazon during the Christmas period. Take a look at the recording of the webcast with Gonito CEO Damian Wiszowaty: How do you prepare to sell on Amazon’s platform over the Christmas period?  

26 December 2021 – Boxing Day

  Boxing Day is a holiday mainly celebrated in Great Britain and Ireland. It is a day spent with family and friends just after Christmas.  This day has a shopping culture associated with it, and luxury goods are more likely to be purchased.  

Do You Know How to Increase Your Sales During the Christmas Period?

  1. Constantly improve your search engine positioning by proper analysis and selection of keywords. You can read more here.
  2. Detect and manage negative comments, while rewarding the positive ones.
  3. Keep track of market trends – e.g., banners and promotions of your competitors and business partners. Make sure they are implementing the intended promotional strategy.
  4. Ensure proper management of product availability – don’t let lack of stock to limit your sales.
  5. Dynamic Pricing – make use of data related to demand levels, competitor prices, and product availability.

Conclusions—Is It Worthwhile to Consider Black Friday in Our Sales Plan?

It is difficult not to consider the holidays which generate the bulk of the e-commerce industry’s annual turnover (as evidenced by the data presented) in your promotion strategy and marketing campaigns. One of the fast-growing marketplaces is Amazon. Officially, Amazon does not disclose its results, yet it is estimated that it increases the sales generated by up to 20% each year. Do you need assistance in positioning your site? Check out what the iCEA group, an expert in SEO, has prepared for you in connection with Black Friday!