Amazon SEO – How to Improve Amazon Positioning?

The main goal of Amazon's positioning is to increase the visibility of the brand and its selected products, which should directly translate into sales growth. It’s an effective method to develop your business and achieve bigger profits! “SEO” means Search Engine Optimization of a page.
Amazon SEO – How to Improve Amazon Positioning?
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1. What is Amazon store positioning? 2. Amazon SEO – How to select your keywords? 3. How does Amazon positioning work and how to influence it? 4. Organic work on Amazon 5. Free marketing actions on Amazon 6. Selecting Amazon sales model 7. Amazon SEO – Optimise your listings! 8. Positioning and Product Images 9. Product description 10. Extended Content (A+ Content) 11. What affects positioning in a negative way? 12. Conclusions Amazon positioning requires undertaking several SEO (Search Engine Optimization) activities. These are organic, free of charge actions that will help you to attract new customers. SEO helps to build brand awareness in the marketplace and to increase sales levels.  

What is Amazon store positioning?

  “SEO” means Search Engine Optimization of a page. The aim of this activity is to achieve the highest possible rank in the organic search results for selected key phrases. In short – SEO is about making it easier for customers to find your product!  

Amazon SEO – How to select your keywords?

  Selecting the right key phrases for the product will help in the positioning of both products and the store. Dedicated tools will be useful for this, since their main task is to select and optimise keywords,. Such dedicated solutions can be paid or available for free. Although the principles of SEO on Google and on Amazon are similar, they are not the same. Some of the most popular solutions for searching for keyword phrases include Helium 10, Sellics, and Merchant Words. You should start your keyword research by asking yourself, “How do customers search on Amazon for products similar to yours?”. Taking the customer’s point of view into account, you should analyse what words and phrases come to mind. There are 2 categories of keywords:
  • long tail keywords – they are more specific and often more elaborate, have lower competition, and a high conversion rate because the customer knows exactly what they are looking for.
  • short tail keywords – these are words and phrases that cover broader searches, have more competition, and have a lower conversion rate. The customer is not specific and often considers different options.
The same product can both have long tail and short tail phrases that complement each other. After all, people can search for the same product by typing ‘backpack’ or ‘pink backpack for teenage girls.’ For new products, a long tail will work best, while a short tail will work better for products with increasing sales.  

How does Amazon positioning work and how to influence it?

  A product that ranks high in search results is more likely to be found by potential customers. Positioning makes it easier to target a product that the algorithms predict will be highly relevant to the buyer’s needs.  

Organic work on Amazon

  The cornerstone of Amazon SEO is organic work, i.e. all the free actions taken by sellers to improve their position in search results.  Special attention should be paid to things such as:
  • Price is a significant factor when it comes to choosing a particular listing. It is not only customers who consider it, but also the algorithms. A competitive price is an opportunity to increase sales.
  • Customer service should always be of the highest standard so that positive feedback can be received and will translate into a higher search engine ranking.
  • Images and texts – algorithms look for key phrases in images and text so that the listing can be indexed in the right place. As such, while it is crucial to ensure that the format is attractive, it is also very important to contain enough keywords.
  • Efficient logistics – short delivery times and free delivery in the FBM or FBA model enable you to receive the Prime badge, which translates into better listing visibility.

Free marketing actions on Amazon

  Increasing visibility in search results is also possible through marketing campaigns on Amazon/. Ads help to build listing rank and to increase brand awareness. To marketing activities that can affect the ranking belong:
  • Advertising campaigns – up to 73% of Amazon brands use ads! Running campaigns allows for better exposure of the brand or selected products.
  • Price marketing – Amazon provides great opportunities to use vouchers, coupons. and bundle packs at attractive prices. The longer the price discounts last, the more time Amazon has to index the actions.
  • Vine programme – products are sent to carefully selected reviewers who give them a rating and, in up to 90% of cases, also include a comment. Reviews play an integral part in building the product ranking.
Note: Bigger advertising budget does not immediately guarantee better sales. Good management and optimisation of advertising campaigns are crucial.  

Selecting Amazon sales model

  Product ranks in search engines are influenced by the sales model used. It should probably come as no surprise to anyone that Amazon prioritizes products sold under FBA, as it takes an active part in their sales and is therefore eager to improve the listing position. Amazon charges fees for FBA, so they want to keep the seller with them for as long as possible. Higher positions can be expected for sellers operating in the Vendor model. Here too, fees are incurred for Amazon, which buys the goods under B2B contact and sells then on the platform, taking over the BuyBox.  

Amazon SEO – Optimise your listings!

  Do you want to improve the positioning of your listing in Amazon SEO? Optimisation is key, and it’s worth doing it regularly to refresh listings and make them more attractive.  

Positioning and Product Images 

  Do images affect your position in the Amazon search engine results? Yes! Unique graphics make a listing stand out and are eye-catching. The more product images you provide, the better. They minimum resolution is 1000 x 1000 px. Registered brands can also include videos in their listings – it is advisable to take advantage of this opportunity!  

Product description

  When creating or improving a listing, please pay particular attention to the title, bullets, Search Terms, and product specifications. The title and bullets are essential for Amazon SEO. You should make use of as much space as available, incorporating as many keywords as possible. The strongest should be in the title. In addition, it is worthwhile to ensure that they are not repeated. You should also ensure that both the title and bullets are easy to read and convey the most important information. Search Terms, while invisible in the listing, are very important. They can include many keywords that you do not want to reveal in the listing or for which you do not have any space left. The technical data should include detailed information about the listing. These are essential when customers are using search engine filters. A lot of information can be found there. Even when they are not relevant to the product, it is still worth selecting ‘not applicable to product’ box next to them!

Extended Content (A+ Content)

  Extended content, such as A+ , is an effective way to enhance listing appeal. Well-created A+ content has a positive impact on Amazon SEO. Extended content indirectly improves sales thanks to the indexation of Amazon’s images and content. A potential customer can therefore reach this marketplace through this search engine.  

What affects positioning in a negative way?

  Positioning is a multi-stage process formed by several factors. There are also actions that can lead to opposite effect to the one intended. What actions negatively affect the ranking in search results?
  • Inactive listing – if the listing has the Closed, Out of Stock, Price Errors or Suppressed status, it will negatively affect the ranking. It’s important to keep the listing active as long as the product is available.
  • Copying content and images – to achieve best SEO results, you should make the best use of the space provided. Using duplicate text and graphic material reduces the opportunities to reach new customers.
  • Lack of technical data – incomplete technical data in the listing means that products will not appear in the search results and will not be indexed in the site’s catalogue.


  The positioning on Amazon allows the algorithms to find the listing more easily and display it in the first positions of the search results. It is not enough to simply add products. SEO positioning involves a number of effective and free steps that are worth taking. SEO positioning on Amazon is an important issue that not every seller is aware of. It’s definitely worth exploring, especially since it’s a free way to sell better! Do you have any questions or doubts? Contact us – we will help you to boost your sales!