Amazon PPC Campaign Guide

Today, we will focus on the PPC campaign system of the largest marketplace in the world - Amazon.
Amazon PPC Campaign Guide

Amazon PPC Campaign – Advertising Categories

1. Sponsored Products

The purpose of the Sponsored Products campaign is to promote products to buyers who actively search for related keywords and competitor products. They are settled on a CPC (cost per click) model. There are two basic configurations:

a) Automatic. After launching the ad with selected products, the campaign generates the necessary data based on the product card and information from the back-end. The algorithm displays campaigns in two places designated for this purpose: in search results and under competitor listings.

b) Manual. The rules for displaying them are identical to those for automatic ads, except for the option of selecting and dividing the targets contained in the ad into: keywords, competitor ASINs and product categories. In other words – manual campaigns allow you to direct ads to selected keywords or ASINs of the competition.

2. Sponsored Brands

The purpose of Sponsored Brands ads is to increase brand awareness and recognition. They are settled on a CPC (cost per click) model. Campaigns are displayed in specially designated places on the search or competitor listing tab after selecting one of three targeting options:
  • keywords,
  • competitor ASINs,
  • product categories.

There are three types of Sponsored Brands ads:

a) Product Collection – ads that include a brand logo, a photo arrangement, an optional headline, and up to three products. After clicking on the product tile in the ad, the customer is directed to the proper listing.

b) Store Spotlight – it’s an ad format that drives traffic to the Amazon Brand Store. These campaigns include a brand logo, an optional headline, and a redirect to the store (it must contain at least three subpages). When clicking on the advertising tile, the customer is directed to a specific subpage of the store. Clicking on the brand logo or headline will take them to the Brand Store home page.

c) Video – an ad format containing a video showing a single product that redirects the customer to a given listing.

3. Sponsored Display

Type of advertising targeted at large groups of Amazon recipients and competitor products. They are settled in two models:
  • CPC,
  • VPCM – cost per 1,000 viewable impressions, i.e. those in which at least 50% of the advertising area remains in the visible area of ​​the browser window for at least 1 second.

Sponsored Display ads feature a brand logo, custom headline, and audiovisual content. They allow for the following targeting:  
  • directing advertising to customers who purchased a product in the same category or in the category related to the product within a specified period of time (7-365 days),
  • directing ads to related product listings,
  • directing advertising to customers who purchased the advertised product within a specified period of time (7-365 days),
  • directing advertising to customers who viewed the ad in a given period of time (7-90 days),
  • directing advertising to the categories in which the product is located.

4. Vouchers and promotions

These are percentage price reductions that affect not only conversion, but also product positioning. They are visible on the Amazon search tab and in the listings.


PPC advertising campaigns on Amazon, as on other marketplaces, are an effective and affordable strategy for sellers to promote their products or brands. Today, we have discussed the characteristics of Sponsored campaigns: Products, Brands and Display.

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