Amazon Brand Registry and Other Brand Protection Tools

Amazon is the world's largest marketplace that gives you the opportunity to reach over 400 million potential customers from around the world. However, the requirements placed on sellers by this platform are quite high. All this thanks to the mission of Amazon, which is the most customer-oriented company in the world. Practically, it means a thorough verification of newly registered entities, continuous monitoring and access to effective brand protection tools, including i.a. Amazon Brand Registry. Wanting to know how does Amazon Brand Registry work? Read and find out!
Amazon Brand Registry and Other Brand Protection Tools
In the following article you will read about:
1. What is the Amazon Brand Registry?
2. What requirements must a seller meet to join the ABR program?
3. What is counterfeit trademark blocking on Amazon?
4. What is Amazon Project Zero?
5. What is the transparency badge and what does it mean?

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

How to get Amazon Brand Registry? Is Amazon Brand Registry free? And most importantly, is Amazon Brand Registry mandatory? You will find answers to these questions in this article. Amazon Brand Registry (ABR) is Amazon’s free brand registration service. It can be used by any seller who is the official brand owner or the beneficiary of its rights. Registration in the ABR system is one of the pro-sales activities. It enables a more effective brand management and development, e.g. by creating advertising campaigns such as Sponsored Brands or a dedicated brand store, the so-called Amazon Brand Store. An example of Amazon Brand Store: Source: own   So what does Amazon Brand Registry do? An additional advantage of registering youe brand in the Amazon Brand Registry program is the access to the Brand Analytics dashboard. The reports it contains allow you to understand the current and future performance of your products. The retailer will also find aggregated customer demographics and popular search terms there. They enable listing optimization.   Do you want to learn how to build an effective listing? Take a look here and for some useful info on building a well-converting product card!   So what are the benefits of Amazon Brand Registry? Moreover, is Amazon Brand Registry worth it at all? By participating in it, the company gets the ability to prevent infringements. According to official data from the Amazon Brand Protection Report 2022, the number of legitimate infringement reports by companies included in the ABR in 2022 decreased by 35% compared to the previous year.  

What are the requirements for Amazon Brand Registry?

The basic information that Amazon requires from the seller is the name of the brand with an active active trademark ID, i.e. a unique number assigned by the intellectual property protection office. To obtain it, however, you must submit an official paid application to reserve the rights to a given brand. Currently, Amazon only accepts trademarks registered by specific state institutions. For sellers operating in Europe, the best option would be to choose EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Proportions Office). Unlike national authorities that only provide protection within one country, a certificate issued by EUIPO guarantees brand protection in all 27 EU countries. When registering a trademark in the Amazon Brand Registry system, the seller is obliged to send photos of the product and its packaging with the brand name and EAN code visible.  

What is Amazon counterfeit trademark blocking?

  Amazon prevents trademark fraud and abuse in order to keep sellers safe. In 2022, Amazon established official cooperation with USPTO, under which the registration statuses of brands are verified, as well as information about sanctioned entities, including blocked patent attorneys. Thanks to this, the ABR system is able to identify false trademark applications and reject them. Thus, it protects the rightful brand owners. The cooperation between the USPTO and Amazon is mutual. Marketplace provides data on abuses and trends observed on the platform to said authority to help investigate potential fraud. In 2022, no less than 5,000 of them were detected and neutralized.  

What is Amazon Project Zero?

  Project Zero is an original Amazon system used to spot the attempts to sell non-original products of a given brand. This is done through automated security measures used to track and scan product serial numbers. It requires sending the logotype and brand name to Amazon. The system will detect every attempt to update and add counterfeit product offers, and then block it. No less than 8 billion offer updates are scanned every day.   Blocked Amazon account? Find out how to unlock them!   What if the system does not detect a counterfeit? Being a participant in the Amazon Project Zero, you have the option of removing a suspicious offer on your own. What’s more, you don’t have to contact support to do it.  

What is Amazon Transparency?

  In 2022, Amazon introduced the so-called transparency badge. It is a confirmation for the buyer that the item has been verified by Amazon before shipping. The badge is placed on the product card in the detailed product information section. Thanks to that, the credibility of the product and trust in the seller increases significantly. It’s worth mentioning that currently only 33% of sellers have the transparency badge, which makes it worth the effort.   Source: Amazon Brand Protection Report 2022

Amazon Brand Registry and other protection tools: Summary

  As has been shown, the fight against counterfeit products has a global character, as fraudsters operate across multiple retail channels. Thanks to taking care of customer experience at the highest level, Amazon is the most active marketplace in the world that works to eliminate counterfeit and counterfeit products. Numerous tools that allow monitoring and immediate response to violations are a great added value for active brand owners.   Need help registering your brand with Amazon Brand Registry or EUIPO? Contact us!