Amazon Account Health – what are the most important factors determining your account life?

Selling on Amazon obliges you to continuously supervise and keep an eye on your account throughout the year.
Each factor has an impact on the positioning of the sales profile, listings and BuyBox. The main factors influencing your account life are, among others:
Efficient logistics
Efficient logistics

• timely shipments and returns processing are the key to success in selling on Amazon. If you want to keep your account in good health, remember that the level of 5 statistics depends on efficient logistics. If neglected, they may result in the discontinuity of sales. For this reason, we strongly encourage you to use the services of only reliable courier networks, such as Goglobal24, UPS or DHL.

Customer service quality

• timely responses and customer service in the customers’ native language are absolutely basic for keeping the ODR low. This ensures not only positive feedback from buyers, but also their loyalty.

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