A+ Premium Amazon and Amazon A+ Content

A+ Content is one of the most effective and important ways to increase customer trust and rank higher in the Amazon SERPs.
A+ Premium Amazon and Amazon A+ Content
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What is Amazon A+ Content?

  Amazon A+ Content, formerly known as EBC (Enhanced Brand Content), is a tool that enables presenting a product description in the form of 7 modules. They consist of text, graphics and a comparison table. In the latter, the information and hyperlinks regarding other products by the same seller are placed. All content must comply with Amazon’s guidelines. The platform sets out specific terms and conditions for their publications, including:  
Image and text formatting, such as:
  • Supported image file types are .jpg, .bmp and .png in RGB color space. CMYK color space is not supported.
  • Individual files cannot exceed 2 MB.
  • Images’ resolution should be at least 72 dpi.
  • The use of animated images (e.g. .GIF) is not allowed.
Claims and awards, such as:
  • Do not mention awards you’ve received more than 2 years ago.
  • Remove any statements that your product is able to cure, mitigate, prevent human or animal disease.
  • Satisfaction claims (such as “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”) and statements such as “number 1 ranked”, “top rated”, “best sellers”, etc. are not allowed.
Content restrictions, such as:
  • Warranty information, including references to the non-Amazon returns or refund policies, is strictly prohibited in A+ content. The only exception is where the product itself is strictly a warranty card.
  In addition to making the listing look more attractive, the product card is also supposed to increase the conversion rate and improve the product’s position in the search results. Therefore, it has a direct impact on the account traffic and sales. Moreover, A+ Content is also one of the most effective and important ways to increase customer trust and rank higher in the Amazon SERPs. Learn more about Amazon SERPs    

Access to Amazon A+ Content

  This feature is only available to the sellers that have been approved as brand owners in the Amazon Brand Registry, as well as to the new brand owners that are a part of specific managed retail programs (such as Amazon Launchpad or Amazon Exclusives).  

Unlocking A+ Premium Amazon

  Amazon Seller Central has enabled its sellers to access A++ for free. It is awarded by the end of each month subject to two requirements. The first one is to connect all ASINs to the published Brandstory. The second one, having at least 15 of A+ Content approved within the last 12 months.  

What makes A++ unique?

  A+ Premium offers many more diverse modules and possibilities compared to the standard A+ program. The interactivity of the Premium version is truly impressive. It allows you to recreate, move and develop individual modules. Moreover, unlike the basic content, they occupy the entire width of the listing. A++ enables choosing from as many as three comparison tables. It also offers an option of adding video in various forms (as a whole module or in combination with text). What’s more, it provides the so-called Hotspots. They are the spots on the pictures after hovering over which an additional area with text or a photo is displayed. In addition, it provides a module containing Q&A and the carousels of images and text. Thanks to that, you can include extensive content in your A+ Premium Amazon. All of this in spite of the number of modules being constantly limited to 7.